Depression, Fibromyalgia

A Quick Update……..

I’m feeling very defeated at the moment. I had yet another bout gastroenteritis which was so severe that David called an ambulance for me because I had gone into withdrawal from my pain medication. I’m now recovered but feeling very, very tired. I’ve tried to reduce my pain medication but couldn’t tolerate the increase in my pain levels. I’ve also had a relapse in my depression and anxiety after being stable for over a year. My doctor has increased my antidepressant dose so hopefully I will be feeling better in a couple of weeks.

On the positive side before I was ill, I did manage to finally go to a yoga class. The first surprise was that the class was held in semi darkness. For me this was great because it meant that I felt less self conscious. I was also able to do the whole class without having to rest. The form of yoga that was taught was hatha yoga. Hatha yoga involves moving into poses and holding them while concentrating on breathing. My flexibility is very much reduced due to the fibromyalgia and some of the poses were difficult for me but for my first class I think I did ok. I can really see how yoga is going to help rehabilitate my muscles so maybe in the future when my muscles are stronger I can try again to reduce my pain medication.

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