The Reckoning……..

Although this is going to be a slightly embarrassing post I’m going to share what’s happened to me in the hopes that it may help others to not reach the extreme situation that I’m finding myself in.

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia back in 2007 I was put on a cocktail of painkillers. Most of them were opioid based. As well as producing dependency they have the side effect of causing severe constipation. I have been managing this with various over the counter medications and in the past six months prescription strength osmotic laxatives.

It seems the bouts of vomiting I’ve been having all year have been the result of severe constipation and not gastroenteritis. I had an attack yesterday afternoon which I was able to stop with an anti-emetic. Coincidentally I saw my gastric banding consultant yesterday and was shown my CT scan from just before Christmas. The band hasn’t been doing its job for years because it has slipped out of position but what was alarming for me was the shape of my colon. It has become so distended I’m surprised I haven’t had more symptoms.

Enough is enough, with my family history I have to do something as chronic constipation can increase the risk of colorectal cancer. It is now obvious to me that I have to come off all of my opioid painkillers and manage my pain through other means. My consultant said that I can be referred to a pain psychologist for help with this.

I have come off sustained release oxycodone before and I managed the symptoms of withdrawal quite well but I haven’t been free of all painkillers in over a decade and I’m terrified about how bad it’s going to be. Other people see me as a strong person but I’m not. I’ve no idea if I can do this but I have to try.

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