An update……..

I haven’t posted in while as I was dealing with my usual post Christmas depression. This lasted all of January and most of February. I have now flipped the other way and I’m feeling really motivated and happy so it’s difficult to write about anything relevant to the theme of this blog.

The Associated Board of Royal School of Music deferred all of their practical exams until the summer so I was unable to take my piano exam this term. It was a real blow and threw me for a while. My pieces were ready for performing and I had to put them to one side to avoid them getting stale. I’ve been working on a few more challenging pieces and have discovered that I absolutely love Frederic Chopin’s piano works, especially the nocturnes. I tend to prefer pieces in minor keys as I’m a miserable so and so and I cannot learn a piece of music unless I can feel it. My practice is limited by my fibromyalgia. I can only practise for 45 mins to an hour before my back starts burning and I try to do two sessions a day.

I’m still not quite there with my weight loss. When the UK locked down in early January, Slimming World had to switch to virtual meetings over zoom. While it’s great to still be in contact with everyone it just isn’t the same. I had a couple of slips and regained a little. I have lost all but a couple of pounds of it. The good news is that the face to face groups restart in mid April so hopefully I can finally shift the last ten pounds.

I hope I can continue feeling this happy. As long as I keep up my healthy eating and piano practice I should be alright. I know from past experience that I am an all or nothing kind of person. If one area of life slips then it all slips. I wish I could work out why. I’ve done a lot of introspection over the years and have overcome a lot of my hangups but this one remains and I don’t how to move forward. I guess my brain is still faulty.

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