Things that are going well……..

Having reached the end of my back story I am now wondering where to go from here. Things are great at the moment but I know that my situation is not stable. It wouldn’t take much for me to slip back into old habits.

I lost my father in June 2017 and understandably took it badly. We knew it was coming as he had been very ill with cancer for 18 months. I made the most of those 18 months with my Dad but it was a very stressful time. In 2014 I’d managed to lose 4 stone in weight but during those 18 months I regained all of it plus a bit more.

In August 2017 I made the decision to rejoin Slimming World and haven’t looked back. I’m still 10 lbs away from my lowest weight in 2014 but I’m definitely going to get there. The thing that has helped me the most was realising that I had a big problem with chocolate. There was never a maximum amount of chocolate that I could eat that I wouldn’t go over; it never made me feel sick. I craved it like an alcoholic craves a drink. When I started Slimming World I decided to cut it out completely and I haven’t had any since August 2017 (apart from the tiny amounts on hifi bars). The cravings eventually stopped but I know that -just like an alcoholic- if I were to start eating it again I’d be back to square one. At the same time I also gave up biscuits. I’m not a saint, I still allow myself the odd piece of cake or a dessert but I have it in place of a meal and as I only do it once a month or so, it doesn’t affect my health or my weight loss.

I love my Slimming World group and I actually feel that I fit in there. There is so much support and camaraderie that I look forward to going every week. My brain is finally on my side and I am able to stick to the Food Optimising plan with ease. I only have to lose another 16 lbs and I will have a lost a whole 100 lbs from my heaviest weight. I have had this goal for the past 10 years and I know without a doubt that I will do it.

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