The Greatest Loser……..

At Slimming World yesterday I was awarded the distinction of being ‘The Greatest Loser’. To the uninformed this would seem a rather cruel thing to do. However at Slimming World this award is given to the group member who has lost the most amount of weight. Since I started in August 2017 I have lost a total of 5st 11 lbs. Adding this to the weight I lost prior to starting I have now lost 7st 12lbs (110lbs). I only have 30lbs left to lose.

After 30 years of struggling with my weight I still can’t believe I have managed to achieve this. My whole attitude towards food has changed. By the time I reach my target weight I will have been eating the way I am for 2 years. My way of eating now has become my new normal. I know my weight battle won’t end when I reach my target weight; in fact I feel that the real battle of maintaining my weight begins. In some ways I think this will be harder than losing weight. Being able to eat a few extras without overdoing it will be difficult for me. I know I won’t be able to eat chocolate again because I have never been able to control my intake; I love it too much and it doesn’t make me feel sick if I eat a lot of it. I know some people who successfully control their weight by dieting during the week and allowing some extras at the weekend and I feel this could work for me.

I have made myself a visual aid to motivate me as I lose the last 30lbs which I know will be the hardest to lose. It’s just a simple A4 sheet with 30 circles that I can add a sticker to as I lose the weight. At the bottom is the Slimming World target sticker that I will receive when I get there.


Being realistic I expect it to take the rest of the year to achieve this goal but I am determined to get there!

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